Grimdi Animator beta is ready!!!

Grimdi Animator witch I previously called Grimdi WebApp Builder 2 is almost ready.
You could now enjoy testing the beta vesion and tell us how do you find it.
This new version contains many great features:
You can load data from xml.
You can define variables.
You can change an object property with actions
You can use if if/else for or while in thee actions
You can change text color
You can watch variables and and event will be trigged when the watched variable is changed.
Yes you can do all that and much more.
When we start building Grimdi Animator, our goal was to make the new version capable of allowing users to make an awesome Photo-gallery in few second and without programming knowledge required.
And believe,you can do it,and you can also do much more

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  1. Wonderful, keep it up thanks.

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