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What is Grimdi Animator

Grimdi Animator is a powerful tool that allows you to make awesome and complex effect and using dynamic data to make amazing application for your website like animations, gallery,menus without having to write any single line of code. Cool 🙂 , isn’t ? You want to start? Just click here!

Grimdi Animator Help:Containers manipulation

Introduction to the Conatainers manipulation in Grimdi Animator Container as it name suggest is used to contain  and group object.By default,Conaiter will not appear in the generated animation. You need to have a Container if you want to use a Xml loop . To insert new image, click on Image button. To change the Container, …

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Grimdi Animator Help:Texts manipulation

Introduction to the Texts manipulation in Grimdi Animator To insert new text zone, click on Text button. To move the text zone, click on it, and then drag it. To change the text zone properties, select it and go to check Properties dialog. To edit the text zone content, double click on it. To edit …

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Grimdi Animator Help:Images manipulation

Introduction to the Images manipulation in Grimdi Animator To insert new Image, click on Image button. To move the Image, click on it, and then drag it. To change Image source, select it then go to Properties dialog and change src. To change the Image properties, select it and go to check Properties dialog. To delete …

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Grimdi Animator Photo Gallery Example

Awesome Grimdi Animator Photo Gallery Example is available here. This example was totally maid be Grimdi Animator  

Grimdi Animator beta

You need Firefox to test Grimdi Animator Click here to try Grimdi Animator, enjoy it 🙂 ! Click here to try an example maid by Grimdi Animator : it is a Cool Animal photo Gallery  

Grimdi Animator beta is ready!!!

Grimdi Animator witch I previously called Grimdi WebApp Builder 2 is almost ready. You could now enjoy testing the beta vesion and tell us how do you find it. This new version contains many great features: You can load data from xml. You can define variables. You can change an object property with actions You …

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Grimdi WebApp Builder new version!!

The development of  Grimdi WebApp Builder UI has almost ended. The new Code Generator is the main element of this App ha snot been already finished.  

WebApp Builder 2.0 will soon be ready

The new version of WebApp Builder will be soon released. This new version will include many new features such as XML support … And of course it is free. So be ready!!

Bug fixed!

A bug was fixed today by friend.And Grimdi WebApp Builder is working!!